Online Marketing for Coaches, Speakers, & Thought Leaders

Hello! My name is Kimberly Inez Mays and I help coaches, speakers, and thought leaders elevate their online presence to attract their ideal clients, operate in their zones of genius, and bring their gifts to the world!

As the founder of Foolishly Creative, and my team and I provide marketing automation, web design, and branding to help our clients “Shine Online.”

I have over 10 years of marketing and web development experience. My mission is to support those who have a vision and are brave enough to take a 'foolish' leap of faith.

I am available for marketing and systems setup, web design, private consultations, and digital products to help you market your business and serve your clients.

Available Products

FREE MINI-COURSE: 15 Creative Ways to Automate Your Business

I’ve created this free workbook and mini-course to inspire you to use marketing, sales, and business automation for your business! This guide is specifically tailored to coaches and speakers, but can be used for any small business.

WORKSHOP: Sales & Marketing Automation Made Simple

Hey Coaches and Speakers!

What comes to mind when you think of marketing automation?

You need to be a guru?  It needs to be expensive?  It's something only 'big businesses' do?

Marketing Automation is for Everyone! Let me show you in this workshop!

The Digital Thought Leader Membership

The Digital Thought Leader Membership is a community of coaches, speakers, and online thought leaders who are ready to grow and elevate their online businesses. 

FREE BUNDLE: The Shine Online Workbook & Success Bundle

 ... 6 seconds ...

Is all the time you have to make a 1st impression!

That’s why I’ve put together every client-getting secret I’ve tested, retested, and perfected over the past 10 years into a FREE 17-page workbook.

(And I've included my resource guide FILLED with recommended systems to automate and power your online business)

My Products Available Products
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